About us

Vietnam Organization for Gender Equality – VOGE, a youth-led organization for the rightful interests of all members in our society, was founded in 2016 with the mission to build new generations of Vietnamese fully equipped with knowledge on gender injustice, along with a sense of responsibility and consciousness to change that for the community’s well-being.

VOGE believes in a vision of a just society, where your assigned sex at birth would not be your limits. To achieve such a vision, we aspire to create an open and useful environment for Vietnamese youths – a place where they can feel safe to share, learn, sharpen their thinking and purview about a just world.

MISSION: advancing gender equality in Vietnam

VISION: a just society where the assigned sex at birth would not be one’s limits


Aspiring to achieve our mission and vision in the near future, VOGE sets out four core values for all our members, all administrative processes, activities and collaborations.


Creativity is VOGE’s life-force and development drive. Our organization employs diverse tools to maximize the energy, dynamics, adventurous spirit of all members – which forms the foundation for ground-breaking solutions and spreading positivity to the communities, partners and other organizations.


VOGE was founded and sustained by our accountability to the community generally and to all our members, partners particularly. We thrive to commit ourselves to what we set out to achieve, what we declare and agree with relevant parties.


VOGE perceives sharing as foundational to our organization and members. With all available resources, as an organization, we are always willing to share and cooperate with partners, which share the same vision, in order to solve existing issues in the community. As individuals, we always encourage our members to share responsibilities, their knowledge and perspectives both inside and outside the scope of our works.


Respect towards our communities, partners and one another is shown through our working spirit – thrive to be better, open and cooperative.