Year of the Tiger (2022) at VOGE

“Solidarity”, “hope” and “intersectionality” are keywords to describe VOGE’s year of the Tiger (2022). Our 6th year of presence, we deeply appreciate all those who have cared, followed and contributed to the cause – with 120.789 likes125.511 followers on our page.

Although 2022 page’s like and follow rate increases not as significantly as 2021 (20-25 millions in 2022 compared to 43-45 millions in 2021), VOGE expaned our 2022 activities with more offline activities, connecting beyond social media to various communities on the ground. VOGE team is grateful for the entrustment and solidarity we, and gender equality as a cause in Vietnam, received.

Let’s take a look below at the activities in the year 2022.         

Notable events & activities 

06/2022: VOGE x AB InBev 

June 2022, Pride Month arrived with an invitation from AB InBev. VOGE team organized an internal event for the company on the topic of gender and sexual diversity.

With a representative from UniGEN, VOGE team built the program’s content and hosted the warm discussion with employees of AB InBev: defining sex characteristics, gender identity, sexual orientation and gender expression, coupled with a few personal notes from the speaker and emphasis on LGBTQ+ rights, building inclusive workplace.

The speaker was sharing information on gender and sexual diversity to AB InBev employees

07-08/2022: Kick-starting 2GROW 

March and April 2022, Mirror Mirror Vietnam – an independent youth led group advocating for gender equality through arts – proposed the idea of connecting youths and youth-led groups in Vietnam that share the journey towards gender equality. Appreciating Mirror Mirror team’s efforts, vision and solidarity, along with recognizing the importance of connecting youth forces, VOGE and YPEER Vietnam agreed to co-found 2GROW – a grassroots youth network for gender equality. 2GROW aspires to create cooperations between individual advocates and groups, thus increase meaningful participation in more connected, intersectional and sustainable gender movements in Vietnam.

2GROW’s official logo  

After months discussing and working closely together, 2GROW officially kick-started in July 2022 with a Fellowship program. 2GROW Fellowship aims at connecting and building capacity for youths who care about and are – will work in the field of gender equality.

We began the fellowship with a cozy launching session in Ho Chi Minh city. We met, listened to Dr. Nguyễn Thị Minh, the representative from Vietnam Women’s Publishing house and Mr. Lê Hoàng Minh Sơn discussing feminist theories in relation to gendered practices in Vietnam. Additionally, representatives from Mirror Mirror Vietnam shared challenges and hopes during their advocacy journey as an independent youth-led group.

2GROW Fellowship launching session in Ho Chi Minh city

Following the launching session, 2GROW Fellowship proceeded with 4 training topics in 8 sessions: (1) Gender and Sexuality 101, (2) Feminism 101, (3) Sexual and Reproductive rights and health, (4) Youth-led advocacy and social movements. We met and discussed extensively with guests who have ample experience in the respective field: Dr. Bùi Trân Phượng, Mr. Trần Quang Thọ, Mr. Lê Hoàng Minh Sơn, Ms. Giang Lê and Ms. Thảo Nguyễn.

10/2022: Forum “Connected – Intersectional”

The forum entitled “Connected – Intersectional” was 2GROW’s next activity. Forum was a space for young individuals and youth-led groups advocating for gender equality in Vietnam to meet, connect and exchange with one another as well as with older generations.

Listening to Dr. Hoàng Tú Anh on reproductive health and rights policies through a feminist lens

The forum consisted of 21 discussion panels of 21 respective topics revolving around intersectionality and connectedness for gender movements, e.g: intersectionality for social works, feminist principles and histories, the roles of literature and arts for gender equality, digital social movements, legal mechanisms for women’s rights, sexual and reproductive health and rights, reproductive labor, men’s and youth’s roles in advocating gender equality, etc. Besides discussion panels, we had 5 activity panels such as watching a movie on bear conservation, mental health nurturing via yoga, wool-playing, drawing and discussing period. Vietnam Women’s Publishing house exhibition corner, which featured the newly published women’s bookshelf (Phụ nữ Tùng thư), also attracted much attention and interest from forum participants.

Playing with wool and talking about period after a long day of discussion

Via the forum, 2GROW hopes everyone has had a safe and inclusive space to share observations, experience during their journeys, identify communities’ needs and learn from one another; thereafter, we could build shared currents that are genuinely intersectional and sustainable. 2GROW team would like to express our gratitude towards more than 80 participants, 26 guest speakers and our fellow co-organizers throughout 4 days of the event.

11/2022: Hy Vọng trainings with BATIK Int. 

As 2GROW members, VOGE and other youth-led groups joined Hy Vọng trainings together.

Throughout 7 sessions with experts from BATIK, CSAGA, Lighthouse and CCIHP, we talked about project management, sexual harassment and gender-based violence, building in-take processes for gender-based and sexual violence cases, media and communications skills for social works, gender equality law in Vietnam.

Hy Vọng is co-sponsored by Agence Française de Développeme, the Swedish Embassy in Vietnam and Fondation RAJA; co-executed by Planète Enfants et Développement, BATIK International, CSAGA and SCDI.

12/2022 – 01/2023: Feminist Hearts, reading sessions with 2GROW   

As part of Hy Vọng project, 2GROW organized 4 reading sessions of bell hook’s book “Feminism if for everybody”. With the support from BATIK and Vietnam Women’s Publishing house, 2GROW held 2 sessions in Ho Chi Minh city and 2 sessions in Hanoi.

2GROW would like to deeply thank you all for your interest and love for the reading sessions. Hope to see you at 2GROW’s many following events!

In the safe and cozy – yet exciting, curious and radical – atmosphere, we discussed feminist politics and feminist love. Based on two chapters of the book, we uncovered concepts and arguments, related them to the Vietnamese context to reflect on our engagement as well as private lives.

Noteable posts (statistics as of Feb 1st 2023)

In 2022, VOGE uploaded in total 114 media publications, fewer than that of 2021 (220 posts).

Notable posts of 2022 include:


Although written in November – almost the end of 2022 – this piece was the most viewed publication on VOGE’s page (223.663 reaches, 5.4 thousands reactions, 401 comments and 857 shares). These numbers reflect enormous public’s discontent in the context of on-going World Cup games broadcasted by VTV.

Image illustration for VTV’s World Cup activities, which features strong sexualization and objectification of women

Awareness of gender equality and justice in Vietnam have grown tremendously, which could be observed from public reactions; however, there remains misleading view on the situation, which showed via tabloids’ and newspapers’ reports, commentaries. Witnessing such opinions, VOGE published a follow-up post, entitled “Summarized existing views and our responses on VTV’s ‘Heated with FIFA'”, to resolve misunderstandings. The follow-up post also received much attention from the public.


The second most viewed publication in 2022 – with 69.911 reaches, 2.8 thousands reactions, 82 comments and 327 shares – raised concerns over a phenomenon of victimizing abusers. The post called out patterns of behavior that are complicit in sexual violence, specifically victimizng sexual abusers.

  • #standbyPhương

The post came out after a female poet spoke up about her experience of being beaten, threatened and raped by a male colleague. Via this post, VOGE provided addresses and contacts that could provide professional, trusted assistance for people who go through sexual abuse. This post gained 56.055 reaches, 2.4 thousands reactions, 19 comments and 142 shares.


This post was dedicated to Vietnam’s national female football team when, for the first time ever, they gained a ticket to compete at 2023 female World Cup. Through this post, VOGE hopes the team will receive much more support and attention for their endless efforts. We also called for building a more equal ecosystem in professional sports in which female athletes could flourish and be secured in many different ways. The post gained 44.783 reaches, 1.3 thousands reactions, 12 comments, 46 shares.


August 2023, VOGE decided to remove a previously posted piece entitled “Domestic violence on men – Men could be also be victims” which related to the on-going court proceedings at the time between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard.

After listening and discussing with our readers, along with internal meetings, VOGE decided to remove this post. Generally, publications related to the court proceedings between Depp and Heard all gained wide attention at the time. For the notice of removal post, it gained 44.125 reaches, 1.7 thousands reactions, 88 comments and 107 shares.

VOGE team is deeply grateful for all readers who take interest in our operations and actively feedback, constructively criticize our works. VOGE has been, is currently and will always be listening to your inputs for our improvement, co-creating gender equality in Vietnam.  

Notable media projects

February, besides the post on female national football team, VOGE also raised our concerns over a candidate for Forbes 30 under 30, via a post entitled “Stop manipulating and distracting public opinions”, accompanied by a re-post from Be the Change Vietnam.

March to April, VOGE interviewed members of Tiên Phong to build a series of articles on “Coj nyaab” – a custom of Hmong people. In the same month, we restarted our Instagram account. 

One of the visual illustrations in our series on Hmong people’s “Coj nyaab”

August and September, VOGExPride with “Queer here Queer there” series and sharings.

Illustration for one of the “Queer here Queer there” articles: Lessons learnt from the queering journey around the world for queer movements in Vietnam  

September and October, in preparation for 2GROW Forum “Connected – Intersectional”, VOGE uploaded a series on intersectionality for the progress of gender equality in Vietnam.

One of the images for 2GROW Forum’s series on intersectionality.

October #VOGEReader – a piece sent to us by a reader, entitled “What future for mass communications on sex education?” The article points out strategic mistakes of a number of sex education projects which led to misleading content.

One of the illustrations for the article #VOGEReader: What future for mass communications on sex education?

With the participation of VOGE members

In addition to media products and organizing events, VOGE members took part in a number of conferences, consultations and interviews along with other social and gender organizations, for instance:

  • Interview with ZingNews on internalized misogyny;  
  • FTUNews Club (Foreign Trade University) “In your eyes 2022” contest, with the participation of VOGE’s advisor and writer as consultant and speaker; 
  • NOI Community’s livestream and podcast, “Sexual harassment from victims’ perspectives”, with the participation of VOGE’s advisors; 
  • Forum “Accompany men and boys in reducing stress stemming from traditional gender roles”, organized by VNMenNet and ISDS. At the forum, VOGE’s advisor has discussed the appropriateness of different approaches, based on VOGE’s engagements in the context of Vietnam;
  • Along with 2GROW, consulted the amendments of Gender Equality law at the consultation conference organized by Gender Equality department, in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city;   
  • VOGE’s advisor gave an interview with UNWomen’s Activist Series;
  • Forum “Gen Z and contemporary gender, sexuality from a feminist perspective” organized by CCIHP and GBVNet, with the participation of VOGE’s board members and 2GROW members.

Keep moving forward in 2023 

Thank you everyone for having trusted and confided in VOGE throughout these years. As a new year arrives, VOGE hopes that we will all continue trying, standing in solidarity and acting for gender equality in Vietnam. VOGE has and will always appreciate all the feedback, contributions and constructive, critical responses from readers, friends, and partners.